Android Google Play apk setup now supports 100mb size previous limit 50mb

Posted on : Tue, 29th Sep 15 10:31 am UTC
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Now Android App developers can upload apk files to the Google's Play Store with a size of upto 100Mb previous limit 50mb.

As the number of developers are developing richer applications that supports High Definition smartphones and tables, Google has raised the package size limit to 100MB. The users will get a warning when the app exceeds the 100Mb quota for apk when being downloaded from the Play Store.

As per Google : even though you can make your app bigger, but keep the following things in mind,

  1. Mobile data connectivity : Not all users have a good network connection also more data => more additional charges.
  2. Mobile data caps : There is a monthly limit to amount of data.
  3. App performance : May utilize more RAM and Storage, hence may cause performance issues on older devices.
  4. Install time : The App with larger load will take longer time to get installed on people with low internet connection (edge, 2g). People want apps to be installed quickly to get started.

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